Medical and lost wage benefits

If you have been injured, here's what to expect
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If you have been injured, here's what to expect

If you miss three or fewer days (or shifts) at work:

Pinnacol will mail your claim number to your home just a couple of days after your employer notifies us of your injury. We'll include information about your benefits, and a direct phone number for the Pinnacol claims representative who's been assigned to your case. You can also follow your claim anytime online.

You will be referred to a designated medical provider for medical treatment related to your work injury. They will automatically send bills and appropriate information to Pinnacol, and we'll take care of the rest.

Pinnacol will begin paying for all necessary, reasonable and related medical expenses prescribed by your medical provider. Hospitalizations and certain procedures may require prior authorization by your Pinnacol claims representative.

If you miss more than three work days (or shifts), notify your claims representative.

Compensating you for lost wages

If you miss more than three work days (or shifts), you may receive wage replacement benefits. Pinnacol may pay up to two-thirds of your lost wages up to a maximum amount set by the state. These benefits are nontaxable and are paid every two weeks. Typically, wage replacement benefits may be terminated when one of the following occurs:

  • Your employer offers you temporary modified duties
  • You're released by your medical provider to go back to your regular job
  • Your medical provider feels you've reached “maximum medical improvement” — the point at which no further treatment is expected to improve your condition
  • Compensation for permanent or fatal injuries

You may be eligible for additional compensation if you suffer serious injuries that result in disfigurement, permanent impairment or permanent total disability. The amount and duration of these payments are specified under the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act.

In the event of a job-related fatality, the workers' dependents and spouse are eligible for death benefits as specified in the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act.

We encourage you to call your employer, or your Pinnacol nurse case manager or claims representative, with questions or concerns at any time throughout your recovery.