Now offering enhanced nationwide workers' compensation coverage

Protection for Colorado’s growing businesses.

The workforce is evolving, but the need for great care remains. Pinnacol provides caring workers' comp insurance to Colorado businesses as they expand across the country.
From the business rooted in Denver, with an expansion in Utah, to the storefront in Pueblo, with a new location in Arizona, Pinnacol’s enhanced nationwide coverage goes beyond state lines.

Coverage by the numbers

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Colorado Businesses

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And that number is growing.

*Data source: Pinnacol 2017-2023

Safety solutions that reduce risk and costs.

With the largest safety team in Colorado, no one invests in workplace safety like Pinnacol. We’ve spent $25 million and 47,356 hours keeping workers safe and healthy on the job since 2017.
Our customized safety solutions address the employer's unique safety journey, and those solutions are paying off.
Businesses that have taken advantage of Pinnacol’s safety services saw their claims drop by an average of 56% the following year.*

Getting workers back to what they do best.

At Pinnacol, we’re keen on preventing workplace injuries, but we’re there for workers when the unexpected happens.
Our return to work services help workers recover and get back on the job while maintaining their health.
In 2022, employers saved $9,600 per claim by bringing injured workers back to work on “light” or “modified" duty.

Helping workers heal while giving back.

Our return-to-work volunteer program pairs injured workers with local nonprofits, allowing them modified options that ease them back to work while supporting local causes.
In 2022 alone, workers contributed more than 16,000 hours to nonprofits. Pinnacol is helping injured workers recover and supporting community efforts at the same time.

It’s okay to love your workers’ comp company.