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This Valentine's Day, Show Them Just How Much you Care

February 1, 2015
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Top 3 ways to protect your family through workers’ compensation

Did you know that a workers’ compensation policy not only protects your employees…but your whole family too? Picture this – your landscaper trips on your patio, falls and gets injured. Not only is somebody hurt, but you may be at risk for a lawsuit. Here are three ways to protect your family and your employees from situations like these that are more common than you think.

  • Designate and cover employees: Even if they feel like a member of your family, remember your employees are legally that — employees. Provide them all with coverage, from your nanny, to your gardener, housekeeper, home health aide, house cleaner or even the guitar instructor that comes once a week.
  • Don’t be confused: Commonly, business owners mistakenly think their coverage extends to their home - but they are wrong. Even if your business operates from your home, domestic employees should be covered under a separate workers’ compensation policy.
  • Do your research: Get a hold of your state’s various requirements and criteria around workers’ compensation policies. Some states base coverage around hours worked and some don’t.

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