It's time the unsung heroes took a bow

The Circle of Safety Award is our way of recognizing policyholders for their superior risk management record. And when we say superior, we mean it. Award winners account for less than one percent of our policyholders, and they're the best of the best — demonstrating exemplary performance in the following areas:

  • Safety
  • Risk control
  • Claims management
  • Financial management

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Pinnacol policyholder for at least four consecutive years
  • Experience modifier rate of 0.88 or less in the current policy period
  • 80 percent or more of all claims reported within 48 hours (combined four-year history)
  • Four-year combined loss ratio of 35 percent or less
  • Policy with a premium of $3,000 or greater
  • Two or fewer notices of cancellation each year
  • No non-compliant audits
  • Must currently hold the State of Colorado Cost Containment Certification (CCC)
  • No fatalities

Every year, qualifying policyholders are notified of their nomination in August. Nominees are required to complete an application, provide examples of their safety program and schedule an on-site visit with their safety consultant. Applications are reviewed by a panel and up to 75 policyholders are recognized as winners.

We look forward to seeing you join our heroes.

Congratulations to our past winners:

Questions about the nomination process? Contact Safety On Call online or by phone at 303.361.4700 or 888.501.4752.